Thumbnails, Page Two: The Charles H. Shute & Son Nantucket Collection

These images were made as stereograph plates by Shute & Son of Edgartown, MA -- father-and-son team Charles H. Shute (1818-1877) and Richard G. Shute (1844-1923), both Nantucket natives transplanted to Martha's Vineyard. These images most likely date from the 1860s and 1870s. At least six of these stereographic prints are in the collection of the Nantucket Historical Association, and their website is the source of some of the information below.

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N1. Street Scene.
(Shute negative #284)

The sign on the wagon says (in part) "D.W. & ... Burgess." See Detail.

N2. Boys on Mud Flat. Steamer in Background.
(Shute negative #287)

Circa 1860s. Possibly Steamboat Wharf.
Renne's Magic Oil advertisement on wharf.

N3. Boys Leaning Against Fence on Muddy Street.
(Shute negative #294)

Circa 1870s view of North Water Street.

N4. Street Scene. Shute's Wagon on the Left. (Shute negative #276)

Circa 1860s view of Pine Street, looking south. (Wagon signs: "Stereoscopic Views" and "C. H. Shute & Son / Photographers / Edgartown, Mass.") See Detail 1 and Detail 2.

N5. Boy Looking at Town.
(Shute negative #266)

N6. Birds-Eye View with Steamer at Wharf.
(Shute negative #258)

Circa 1860-70s view overlooking the town and harbor from the tower of the Unitarian Universalist Church, looking southeast. The paddlewheel steamer is "River Queen." A sign on the left reads "William T. Swain", and one on the right reads "Coal." See Detail.

N7. Nantucket Home
(Shute negative #286)

Circa 1860s view of Franklin Nickerson's House, formerly at 31 Orange Street.

N8. Birds-Eye View with Windmill in Distance.
(Shute negative #259)

This negative matches stereoviews captioned "No. 259. View from Tower, looking South West, Nantucket."

Circa 1870s, this view shows the Fish Lots, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Capt. Obed Starbuck's home, Thomas Coffin II's home, the Fair Street Academy, Jared Coffin's home (Mooris End), and in the distance is Nathan Wilber's windmill.

N9. Birds-Eye View
(Shute negative #257)

View from Unitarian Universalist Church tower, looking east or northeast. See Detail.

N10. Boy on Tricycle in Street
(Shute negative #281)

N11. Church, People, and Outhouse
(Shute negative #298)

Circa 1860s view of North Church (the First Congregational Church) on Centre Street.